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This bag contains lots of chickweed (Stellaria media) seeds. Sprinkle seeds on moist, rich soil in late fall. Plants should sprout by early spring and be ready to harvest in April and May. If planted in optimal conditions, the chickweed plants will flower and re-seed themselves -- so leave a few when harvesting. Chickweed can become a nuisance if left to grow unchecked.

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About Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Chickweed is a small, spreading plant that can take over a flowerbed in a few months. Plant chickweed off to itself, along a fence, or in a meadow. When used in herbal medicine, chickweed helps eczema and other skin problems. It is used to treat insect bites, stings, burns, rheumatic conditions, urinary infections, indigestion, constipation, and wounds.

Fresh chickweed makes a cooling poultice for boils. As the poultice dries, it pulls out poisons and toxins. Chickweed has astringent properties and is a good home remedy for many skin conditions when added to creams and ointments. Use on wounds, irritated skin, rash, acne, eczema, bedsores, and painful joints as needed.

Chickweed may also be taken in tea form. Chickweed tea is good for cleansing the system since it has diuretic properties. It does all this and more with no known side effects. Chickens love chickweed so be sure to plant enough to share if you have a backyard flock. Purchase dried plants or read more about chickweed.