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Hawkins Prolific heirloom corn seed package

This bag contains 25-30 Payne's Hawkins Prolific heirloom corn seeds. This is a white field corn that grows up to 12 feet tall. These heirloom corn seeds have not been genetically altered or artificially enhanced in any way. We do not use herbicide or pesticide on Payne Mountain Farms.

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About Payne's Hawkins Prolific Corn

As the story goes, Grandpa Bruce Payne started planting Hawkins Prolific corn in the fertile river bottoms on Payne Mountain Farms over 70 years ago! He ate it fresh, ground it into corn meal, and fed it to the animals.

We cut the tips of the kernels off of the cob, scrape the juice from the cob, heat the mixture slowly in a thick-bottomed pan with butter, let it bubble a few minutes while stirring constantly, and add salt to taste. When fixed right, this delicious creamed-style corn is thick enough to hold a spoon upright. We also dry the corn kernels then grind it into corn meal and grits. Plant the seeds like any field corn. Prefers rich soil and requires full sun. This heirloom corn grows up to 12 feet tall.